The JL Media Experience

We know just how important those wedding memories will be to you, and how special this day is overall! We serve couples who want to enjoy their day without too much interaction from us — we're documenting your day as it happens. You probably don't feel comfortable in front of a camera, and that is 110% okay! That's exactly what we're here for. We'll direct and pose you when it's needed, like for wedding party photos and couples portraits. We make it fun and you'll be laughing most of the time.

What sets apart from most photographers in the area is we are a husband and wife team. Booking with us gets you both of us for the entire time! We love our couples and do everything we can to keep your day as stress free and fun as possible.


• 6 hours of coverage
• 2 lead photographers
• 1 engagement session
• Online gallery




“I can say without a doubt anyone who hires Justin and Loren will be thrilled from start to finish. They are both professional and friendly and don't make you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Everyone who wasn't at our wedding has said how they could tell we made our day our own, how it matched us perfectly, and how they could tell everyone had a blast! Justin and Loren encouraged us to make the day our own and I don't think anyone else could have captured our day as well as they did.”

Ready to book?


Can we get a discount if we don't want an engagement session?

Whether you really want an engagement session or not, you're GETTING ONE. Haha we know we sound like we're being difficult, but we really love getting the chance to work with you before your wedding. It's important that you feel comfortable in front of the camera and know what we're asking of you. Trust us, you'll feel so much better on your big day if you shoot with us before hand!

What is your turn around time?

We have teasers posted to Facebook from your wedding within ONE WEEK from your big day. Engagement sessions are delivered within 2-3 weeks. Your full wedding gallery is delivered within 5-8 weeks.

How many images do we get?

This number can vary because every wedding is different! A good rule of thumb is 75 images an hour, give or take, falling in the 400-800 range. It depends on the size and overall flow an feel of your day. We believe in quality over quantity but we don't limit the amount of images you get back!

How do we book you?

To officially book your date, we just require a signed contract and $500 retainer fee. We do like to meet up in person over some drinks to go over how we work and answer any questions you may have!

Do I have to order prints through you?

No! While we do encourage you to order prints through us for the best quality and accuracy, we give full printing rights which means you can print wherever you'd like.